As a Leader / Co-Leader

Vincent Dombrowski Quintet

„Combining freedom with structure“ – this contradiction is the creative fuel for this international project featuring Albin Vesterberg (Stockholm), Gustav Broman (Stockholm), Arvid Maier (Hamburg) and Lukas Schwegmann (Cologne).
Complex rhythmical and microtonal compositions are the basis for an open search for common grounds.

In 2021 we plan on recording an album featuring the trio and the quintet.

Vincent Dombrowski Trio

Focussing on the finest nuances of sound, pitch and dynamics, this trio plays original music that is influenced by various forms of music and arts. The three musicians share a very strong interest in improvised music and new streams of jazz music from all over the world. The music varies between extreme simplicity and complexity – but never loosing emotional expressivity.
Each song is composed as a sort of sketch which can be filled with color differently each time – making each performance truly unique.

In 2021 we plan on recording an album featuring the trio and the quintet.

Nordsnø Ensemble

The Nordsnø Ensemble is devoted to combining Scandinavian folklore with elements of modern jazz and progressive rock. Mystical moods in Scandinavian folksongs meet spheric soundscapes, pervasive rhythms and lyrical song.
The band’s focus is on traditional songs and their lyrics, newly interpreted by lush and rich arrangements as well as melodious improvisations.

Listeners dive into the untouched wide-open fjords, walk through forests and feel the mysticism of the mountains in Scandinavia, making them able to escape from their turbulent daily life for a while.

Birdland Bigband

Die Birdland Bigband ist Hamburgs neuester fester Jazz-Klangkörper und die erste Residenz-Bigband eines der ältesten Jazzclubs der Hansestadt. Besetzt mit hochkarätigen Mitgliedern der Hamburger Jazzszene, wird diese 17-köpfige Band einmal im Monat die Swing- und Bigbandära lebendig werden lassen, indem sie die viel zu selten gespielten Werke der großen Bigbandkomponisten Thad Jones, Duke Ellington, Sammy Nestico auf die Bühne des Birdland bringt – mit Respekt für die Tradition und dem Mut, ihre eigenen musikalischen Einflüsse einzubringen.

As a Sideman

Ken Dombrowski’s Slideprojection