Over the last two years I have developed a big interest in photography. I work with both analog and digital equipment, trying to keep the process very raw and pure by not editing pictures too much. For me there is a huge connection between the process of improvising and taking photos, reacting to impulses within a split second and trying not to fall back into routines. Starting fresh and trying to find creative expression.
Here are some examples of my recent photography. Contact me if you are interested in fine art prints and/or books.

skyscrapers (II) 2022
lines (II) 2022
NYC (III) 2022
Bresson – Reenactment 2022
a place, I wouldn’t want to be. 2022
cubes 2022
Dekadenzspender 2022
Frühnebel 2021
West Side Story 2022
urban U.F.O. landing 2022
Struktur – Licht – Schnitt 2022
untitled (III) 2022
skyscrapers (I) 2021
Chinatown (III) 2022

Visit my first exhibition on 09.09./10.09.2023 at Steddorfer Straße 18,
29553 Bienenbüttel.
There will also be wonderful photographs by
Knud Junge-Dombrowski and Malin Hübner.