as a leader / co-leader:

flow regulator- flow regulator (2023)

negotiating freedom in music.
sense chances.
experience the power of united strength.
[in present.] connected.
speak through art.
love people.
[continue.] live.
Yvonne Dombrowski, 2023

deeply connected by a common artistic vision, the international ensemble flow regulator leaves a lasting imprint on the contemporary music scene with its debut album of the same name.

the intensive avant-garde sound of the pieces is reinforced by the warm overall sound and the live atmosphere of the album and inevitably puts the listener in the impressive concert atmosphere of a new york scene club. the compositions of vincent dombrowski serve as a musical basis on which the ensemble acts together at the highest level and also improvises freely. the great musical strength is inevitably transferred to the recipient. this is based on the shared attitude of the musicians, to stick to the realization of utopian perspectives and social constructions and to make the power of this consensus as a lived and artistically designed truth tangible for the listener.

out on vinyl and cassette!

Lashless Lid – How to Dress in Fate (2023)

The debut-EP “how to dress in fate” by the progressive-rock ensemble is out on Bandcamp.
we offer a limited edition cassette here

Nordsnø Ensemble – Om svalor och smältvatten (2020)

>>Om svalor och smältvatten<< is out now. An album dealing with nature and it’s impact on human identity. Celebrating the melancholy and deepness of scandinavian folk music. Have a moment of peace, close your eyes and let us take you to the forests and lakes of the north. We hope you’ll enjoy. It took a lot of people to create this music. Our thanks go out to Fattoria Musica records for releasing our album. Also huge thanks to WEKO Informatik for the great support.
„The melancholy of the north in counterpoint with a unique acoustic sound, creating images of exotic places all blended with good taste, well written, sung and played and pure joy to just listen to.“  
Wolf Kerschek
„This band sounds great. I feel home by listening to it. It’s very inspiring that they are pushing the jazz limits, and making a concept with a clear signature. Thats what we need, thats what I like. Great arrangements, beautiful voice and a band made of pure musicality.“
Geir Lysne
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Nordsnø Ensemble (2016)

In 2016 we were able to release our debut CD on the conditura records label. The music on this CD reflects the special beauty and mood of winter. Perfect as a gift or for your own CD shelf.
Inspired by the melodies of folk pieces, the ensemble creates a sound painting that, on the one hand, offers enough space for each melody and, on the other hand, gives the eight musicians room for creative improvisations. The aim, both in the selection of songs and in the arrangement, is to portray the different moods and colors of winter and the contemplation of the Christmas season, for which the arranger Vincent Dombrowski uses a wide variety of musical stylistic elements. In addition to calm, contemplative sounds, dark and stressful phases also find their way into the music. The ensemble specifically tries to represent the contrasts of the cold season in their music and to show the magic of these contrasts. Helena Benkendorff’s voice brings not only the melodic level but also the lyrical level into play. She sings some of the well-known lyrics in English, German and Norwegian. Her voice, sometimes powerful and loud, sometimes fragile and magical, enchants the listener with the emotion of a clear timbre.

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as a sideman / composer & arranger:

Slideprojection – chronicles of dehumanization (2023)

role: saxophonist, flutist


Bentō – Koān (2022)

role: saxophonist, flutist

buy – Mittwinter (2022)

role: arranger


Franziska Loos – Generation Anything (2022)

role: saxophonist, flutist, composer & arranger


Bentō – Hiraeth (2021)

role: saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist


Michel Schroeder Ensemble – BUNT (2021)

role: saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist


Philipp Gerschlauer – microtonal toolkit (2021)

role: saxophonist, composer


YvoeRee – Milkfroth (2017)

role: pianist, composer